Sainted: Nurse Erin, social worker Katie, docs Teriyaki and Ostenso and many more, you made Dad’s life better

SaintedThis is a very belated Sainted to the staff at the SCID Clinic at the V.A. in Minneapolis. My dad, Mike

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This is a very belated Sainted to the staff at the SCID Clinic at the V.A. in Minneapolis.

My dad, Mike Hooker, was diagnosed with ALS in 2002 and passed away at the V.A. hospital in Phoenix on Feb. 17, 2020; he was 89 years old. During his 18-year journey with ALS he was blessed with the care of the most amazing team of caregivers at the SCID clinic at the V.A .in Minneapolis. They treated him with respect, affection, laughter and compassion.

I am his daughter, and I got to witness the positive impact they had on his life. ALS made my dad’s speech difficult to understand, but every person at the clinic strived their very hardest to understand him and showed incredible patience in doing so.

Nurse Erin was always present to answer questions and tackle problems we encountered whether we were “on the road” or at home.

Together with guidance from social worker Katie and doctors Teriyaki and Ostenso, dad and I were never at a loss for how to adapt, adjust and revise!

Dad learned so much from speech therapist Beau in terms of communication and swallowing techniques, but tested the patience of Pat in prosthetics because dad could break parts of his wheelchair sometimes faster than Pat could fix them!

The staff in OT/PT responded to every challenge we threw at them in terms of medical supplies and devices that could improve Dad’s quality of life.

I will also be eternally grateful for the kindness from other team members, namely David, Ila, Mary, Sean, nutritionists, etc., and apologize for those names I’ve omitted.

I will never forget any of you; you inspired me and made my dad’s world a better place.

Shawna Johnson, Maplewood


Friday morning, July 24, around 8 a.m., I was traveling southbound on the Highway 280 exit off of 35W. I saw the flashing lights of a Minnesota Highway Patrol car and wondered who was stopped. As I drove by, the officer was helping a motorist who had a flat tire. The motorist looked on as the officer was changing her tire.

That warmed my heart! I fully support law enforcement officers and know that it takes a special person to do that job.

I just wanted to say that I saw a very heartwarming gesture and even though this officer was not helping me, I want to say THANK YOU  to him.

Jane E. Anderson, Arden Hills


To the person who backed into the driver’s side fender of my beautiful bright blue car in the Walmart parking lot and drove off. Burkle Honda wants  $2,000 to fix it.

I am going to keep it as a reminder to pray for the conversion and salvation of your soul. If this it what it took to be concerned for your eternal welfare then this evil has turned into a blessing. This world is passing away but our souls are eternal. Where will you spend your eternity? You have a choice now.

Kathleen Hoffman St. Paul


I am proud to live in North St. Paul. We have built a house for veterans who need a fresh start.

Housing for Heroes partnered with MACV and other sponsors, and the lot was donated by our city. I thank Lennar’s Construction for building the house and the subcontractors who have donated all their time and materials. Like the old adage, it takes a village, it certainly does!

The house is across from our beautiful Veteran’s Park and will be dedicated Aug. 15.

Candy Petersen, North St. Paul
The writer is a member of the North St. Paul City Council
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